Brand Story

Brand Story

IPA Group launched in Australia in 2005 to provide a better way for rural and regional Australians
and New Zealanders to stay connected, educate their families and grow their businesses.

We provide flexible, customised solutions for corporates, multinationals and governments across Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Since 2005, we have connected over 100,000 happy customers to our satellite infrastructure.


In 2011 we partnered with the nbn to provide more Aussies with the best internet experience available.

Our belief, that internet connectivity should be reliable, affordable and accessible to all, stems from our rich heritage.


While IPA Group is Australian operated, from the ground to the sky, we started in Thailand. Our parent company, Thaicom, was established in Bangkok in 1991 and was named by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).

Thaicom is a pioneer of satellite internet, launching the world’s first high through-put satellite (HTS), which has connected hundreds of thousands of users in some of the most remote places in the Asia Pacific region.

Thaicom is a leading Asian and global top-10 satellite operator. Our satellite business is built on excellence in service quality and innovation. Our future business roadmap is committed to innovation and sustainability, with over $3.5 billion of assets in space orbit.

IPA Group’s commitment to improving connectivity and almost 30 years of operation makes us a leading internet provider for all Australians.

Our offerings are agile and dynamic as we provide bespoke services to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. From a family streaming Netflix, to a farmer running his business, a multinational mining company, or a ferry crossing Bass Strait

– we ensure customers receive the right internet solutions for their unique needs.

The IPA Group is made up of four brands, which service Australia and New Zealand.

The IPA Group is made up of four brands,
which service Australia and New Zealand.

IPSTAR Wholesale

Providing wholesale satellite solutions to telco carriers, governments and internet service providers

IPSTAR Broadband

Dedicated to improving connectivity across regional, rural and remote Australia.

Orion Satellite Systems

Providing flexible, customised critical connectivity solutions to business and government.

Orion Networks

Providing flexible, customised managed service solutions to corporations and all tiers of government

Choice Broadband

Broadband for the land dedicated to improving connectivity across regional, rural and remote New Zealand.